Online Resources

A Few We Recommend

Audio Resources


  • Veritas

    Various resources that explore the ultimate questions of life, society, and the human condition, and how they relate to the truth found in Jesus Christ.

  • Dave Ramsey

    A multitude of resources useful for learning to handle your finances wisely.

Other Student Groups

Some other groups God is using at USC:

  • Athletes in Action

    A ministry of Campus Crusade that seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to athletes and others in sports.

  • CRU

    Campus Crusade for Christ is a worldwide, interdenominational ministry trusting God to see lost students turned into Christ-centered laborers.

  • In Christ Alone (ICA)

  • In Christ Along Ministries is focused on training students to be disciples of Christ. With Christ being our focus, we are committed to following Him in the areas of the Word, Prayer, Evangelism, and Fellowship.

  • InterVarsity (IV)

    A group of about 100 students, along with full-time staff, who believe God is at work here at USC transforming lives, reaching our campus with the gospel, and developing people who will change the world. And so we value studying and applying God's word, evangelism, one-on-one discipling, and missions.

  • To find out more, visit USC's Office of Religious Life.